mobile traffic light


When road traffic has to be kept going alternately in both
directions and the traffic flow cannot be regulated by simple
traffic signs, traffic signals units must be used.
- Aluminium traffic light plant with three lights, electronic
circuits included
- No wires necessary between the two traffic lights
- Easy transportable units (on wheels)
- Light weight and not bulky
- Maintain data and synchronization during battery replacement
- Standard version with 12 v 25 W bulb
- LED version available (Cod. CS/L) and Solar Power (CS/FV)
Prolonged height:
mm 1800 Min.
mm 2300 Max
Ø mm 300 (red)
Ø mm 200 (yellow e green)
Power supply : 12 Vcc or 220 Vac
It works with one battery (car type) or power supply
(220 Vac, on request) for each unit.