Light weight and extremely handly
Suitable for scaffolding, urban and eventual extra-urban use.

LM datasheet

Twilight included
Hidden on/off switch
Rain protected
Body: anti – schock material
Lenses: Ø 20 cm.
Amber or red in indestructible PCB
Functions: blinking (amber), steady light (red)
Supply 1 x 6 V Mod. 4R25 (cod. B6)
Luminosity: provided by 2 last generation Led Light Ultra Bright 14cd each
Blink frequency: 60 ± 15 flashes per minute
Autonomy: up to 2000 hrs
Two-sided flashing (reflecting one-sided on request)
Equipped with high impact reflectors (using highly efficient prisms)

LM/P datasheet

LM/P: very long life thanks to latest solar panel technology
Available in flashing orange (LM/P/O) or red (LM/P/R)
Only one day recharging ensure many flashing nights
Available with two (LM/P/2) or one side flashing (LM/P/1)
Dimensions: 20 x 33 x 11 cm
Weight: 1 Kg