fixed cat’s eye


Typical applications: defining road signs, delimiting lanes, evidences curves or dangerous zones, obstacles, signalling roundabouts, etc…

The /R model is made by a photoreflectant top, assembled on a spring which can be pushed into the base fixed to the asphalt.

In this way the device has:

SECURITY (when pressed by a wheel, it disappear completely)

STRENGTH (independentenly from the vehicle weight, the spring works alone and receives all the hits)

HIGH VISIBILITY (with 3M Diamond film guarantees excellent visibility according with EN1463-1)

RESISTANCE TO CLIMATIC AGENTS (the attenction in projection makes it resistant to hot, ice, solar rays, etc…)

RESISTANCE TO SNOWSWEEPERS (no problem with the blades, the photoreflectant top is absorbed by the device)

MAINTENANCE (the internal part of the device is removable without remove all the body)