road paintings




ITALFLASH has been an establish firm for horizontal signalation for some years now.
Works begen in Milan (almost 200 roads each summer) and expanding its works towards the province (Main and Regional roads) Fast and professional works are the company’s strong point in the sector.

Parkings painting (also in the underground), internal markings as required by security rules.


parkings painting


Parkings painting (also in the underground), internal markings as required by security rules.


led cat’s eye


ODG/L is a cat’s eye indispensable to put in evidence road divisions, roundabouts or any element that might be of danger for the traffic circulation

High visible cat eye
Colours: white/white, red/white, yellow/yellow or one-sided (others on request)
Designed for solar panel applications
Functions: flashing together or alternate, steady, sequential
Fixed to the ground with no.2 screws (included)
Designed also for vertical positioning as in tunnel walls
Very low consumption: 60mA (steady light in one-sided version), 120mA (steady light in double-sided)
IP68 (it can completely remain in the water, see picture)
Available in double-side version
It follows same colour of the road paintings
Led carachteristics: colour=6000-7000K, lumen=660, emission angle=100°


fixed cat’s eye


Typical applications: defining road signs, delimiting lanes, evidences curves or dangerous zones, obstacles, signalling roundabouts, etc…

The /R model is made by a photoreflectant top, assembled on a spring which can be pushed into the base fixed to the asphalt.

In this way the device has:

SECURITY (when pressed by a wheel, it disappear completely)

STRENGTH (independentenly from the vehicle weight, the spring works alone and receives all the hits)

HIGH VISIBILITY (with 3M Diamond film guarantees excellent visibility according with EN1463-1)

RESISTANCE TO CLIMATIC AGENTS (the attenction in projection makes it resistant to hot, ice, solar rays, etc…)

RESISTANCE TO SNOWSWEEPERS (no problem with the blades, the photoreflectant top is absorbed by the device)

MAINTENANCE (the internal part of the device is removable without remove all the body)


rised pedestrian


APR, safe pedestrian crossing has been studied to make it safe and visible with the aim to compel traffic to slow down

At the moment the market presents different building techniques to realize rised pedestrian crossing but no one of them include ali the advantages offered by APR matter of fact our crossing besides easy and immediate installation assures additional elements versatility and easy removal at low cost without any need of restoration work

Worned out elements can be replaced together with the white elastoplastic coating while surface is always nonskid

The connection ramps on the pedestrian side allow water flow

APR is a lasting product fastened to the ground by strong blocks

One of the crossings 6 meters large weights about 1300 kg. which is a guarantee of its good stability

The square meter is the standard sale measure, each crossing strip 2,5m long is made by 4 elements (size of 4 sqmt includes the rampes)

Further 1m long element can be added

The outer components integrate the connection rampes

The block holes are supplied with plugs

Normally in black rubber, it could be painted in red


artificial cat’s back


Raw material: reclaimed rubber
Height: mm 30 – 50 – 70
Length: mm 600 – 900- 1200
Striper colour: yellow reflecting
Fixing: by glue or inlays
Rounded corners available